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neko curved double pointed needles (bamboo flex)




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Meet the latest addition to our CDPN collection: Neko's curved double pointed needles in Bamboo Flex Edition! The completion of this brand new product took us two whole years. Bringing the concept to perfection was our greatest aim. To achieve a major enhancement of the needle's fexibility, a change of the material was fundamental. Instead of fully consisting of smooth plastic, the needles are now composed of two bamboo pins combined with a very elastic plastic connection. The new Neko Bamboo CDPN are highly flexible but always coming back to their original shape. At the moment we offer the sizes 2,0 to 3,5 mm which are recognizable by the connection's colour (for further information check the table down below). Essential advantages of using Neko's CDPNs are:

  • Neko's CDPNs are specially designed for knitting any kind of circular shapes (e.g. socks, sleeves, hats, loops, ect.)
  • Your working duration decreases while using only three curved DPNs than usually five straight DPNs. Only two needle switches are necessary per round.
  • Less slipping off of your stitches is guaranteed by the needle's curved shape.
  • Higher Flexibility allows you to relax your hands a lot more while working.
  • High-quality Moso Bamboo from Japan provides you with a pleasant feeling while working on your creation.
  • Using bamboo and a new type of plastic make Neko's needles eco-friendly and fully recycable.

Click HERE (English subtitle) or HERE (German) to check out more detailed tutorials and explanations on how to use your Neko needles.


ID Type Size(mm) Size(US#) USA(USD)
404020 CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 2.0 0 32.00
404025 CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 2.5 1.5 32.00
404030 CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 3.0 2.5 32.00
404035 CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 3.5 4 32.00
402030 XL CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 3.0 2.5 not available yet
402035 XL CDPN's Bamboo-Flex 3.5 4 not available yet
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neko curved double pointed needles for socks



Nekos patented CDPN provide you with a much more enjoyable knitting experience by simplifying the working process. Our specially designed CDPNs are curved in a triangular shape, having an angle about 60 degrees between both legs. They are made of smooth flexible plastic and are available in a variety of sizes (2,0 to 5,0 mm), which can be identified by the needle's colour. One Neko set comes with three of our curved double pointed needles which are used as follows: Two of the needles hold the stitches while the third one is used to knit. Working this way brings along several benefits:

  • The curved design ensures less slipping off of your stitches from the needles.
  • The needle's felxibility is optimized to its use (e.g. higher elasticity for smaller sizes to improve sock knitting).
  • Working with lightweight material prevents the formation of gaps while knitting. You can hardly tell where the needle switch has been made, leading to an optical and aesthetic improvement of your design.
  • Only two needle switches are needed to complete a full round. The time you need to finish your project decreases instantly.

For more detailed tutorials of how to use and what to create with your nekos click HERE (introduction) or HERE (how to cast on).


ID Type Size(mm) Size(US#) USA(USD)
621020 CDPN's (for socks) 2.0 0 11.95
621025 CDPN's (for socks) 2.5 1.5 11.95
621030 CDPN's (for socks) 3.0 2.5 11.95
621035 CDPN's (for socks) 3.5 4 11.95
621040 CDPN's (for socks) 4.0 6 11.95
621050 CDPN's (for socks) 5.0 8 11.95
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neko curved double pointed needles for hats, loops & sleeves



Our well known and patented CDPNs are also available in XL sizes to fit some extra stitches for your project! Just like our standard CDPNs they are made of smooth elastic plastic and curved with an about 60 degree angle. They can be perfectly used for knitting larger circular shapes just like sleeves, hats, loops, etc.. Especially for those applications we added a hole in one of the needle's legs where you can put the thread in. This becomes very handy when binding off your stitches while finishing your work. One set contains three of Neko's XL CDPNs which are available in various sizes (3,0 to 12,0 mm).

Here are just some of the benefits Neko's XL CDPNS bring along:

  • Hole in the needle is practical when binding off the knitted piece.
  • Knitting bigger circular designs is just like using the standard sized Neko CDPNs.
  • Curved design prevents slipping off of the stitches from the needle etc..

For more detailed tutorials of how to use and what to create with your nekos click HERE (introduction), HERE (how to cast on) or HERE (how to use).


ID Type Size(mm) Size(US#) USA(USD)
622030 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 3.0 2.5 14.95
622035 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 3.5 4 14.95
622040 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 4.0 6 14.95
622045 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 4.5 7 14.95
622050 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 5.0 8 14.95
622055 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 5.5 9 14.95
621060 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 6.0 10 14.95
621070 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 7.0 10.75 14.95
621080 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 8.0 11 14.95
621090 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 9.0 13 16.95
621100 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 10.0 15 16.95
621120 XL CDPN's (for hats, loops & sleeves) 12.0 17 16.95
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neko cable stitch needles



This is our original product and it is still a selling hit! Neko's patented cable stitch needle is a triangular-shaped needle made out of coloured smooth plastic. Its curved design helps balance the needle and makes dropped stitches a thing of the past. The flattened ends make it easier to place your stitches on the needle. One set contains two cable stitch needles in mixed colours (cannot be chosen) and are available in the sizes 3/4,5 mm and 6/8 mm.

In a nutshell: Knitting cable stitches is more simple and convenient by using Neko's cable stitch needles!

For more detailed tutorials of how to use and what to create with your nekos click HERE (introduction).


ID Type Sizes(mm) Sizes(US#) USA(USD)
903045 cable stitch needles 3.0 & 4.5 2.5 & 7 8.95
906080 cable stitch needles 6.0 & 8.0 10 & 11 8.95
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