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neko cable stitch needles

This is our original product and it's still a selling hit. Due to the unique curved design of neko's cable stitch needles knitting complicated patterns becomes very easy.


neko curved DPNs

With neko's curved DPNs knitting socks and loops is greatly simplified. Instead of five, now, you only need three needles!


Bamboo edition

We offer some of our neko needles in a bamboo material. This improves the grip and the haptic is awesome.

New: Special Moso bamboo from Japan.

Our philosophy at neko


neko curved needles are unique and even patented.

Family Enterprise

neko is a company founded in 2013 in Germany.


At neko, we constantly try to improve our products. So, we'd love to hear your feedback!

See what our clients say

These Neko Double Pointed Knitting Needles will blow your mind! Learn why these ground breaking DPNs are the perfect match for all your small circumference knitting in the round needs!

I love cabling, but sometimes struggle with cable needles. The Neko cable needles are brilliant, and I've even bought a pack for a friend who is a less experienced knitter, which arrived super speedy!

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