Neko Needle Bag

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Neko Needle Bag
Art.No.: 102040
60.95 USD
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Needle Bag for knitting needles
Wool felt

Article description

Stop the Neko needle chaos! This unique needle bag was created in collaboration with Astrid, the german designer behind the brand Bodolina. Combining her classic design and our Neko color code, each needle size of the Bamboo Flex series has its own pocket. The handmade needle bag is made out of soft yet resilient 100% pure wool felt. All of your Neko bamboo needles are hold safely in place - ideal for traveling! Our standard lenght Bamboo Flex knitting needles as well as their XL- & XXL-Editions fit in perfectly into all pockets. The Neko Needle Bag is available as a complete set of the Bamboo Flex Needle series (2.0mm (US #0), 2.5mm (US #1.5), 3.0mm (US #2.5), 3.5mm (US #4)). Every fully equipped needle bag includes a set of our patented cable stitch needles as well. You can also get the needle bag itself (without contents) to give your beloved Neko needles a new home.