Neko Bamboo Flex L

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Neko Bamboo Flex L
Art.No.: 401020
19,50 EUR
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Set of 3 curved DPNs
Bamboo with plastic joint
Needle size
Needle length

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Let us introduce you to our Neko Bamboo Flex CDPNs in the 2nd Generation! Our needles guarantee a high quality standard through the harmonious synergy of their high-quality japanese bamboo pins and the flexible plastic joint. Our new technical process, enables the realisation of a flawless material transition. The new connection’s material as well as the constant diameter ensures the seamless gliding of the stitches over the curve - they are now particularly suitable for tight knitters, too! Besides the new smoothness of the connecting material, our needles remain flexible and return to their original V-shape due to their Memory-effect. This way our needles will adjust naturally to your hand movements when knitting, providing a comfortable knitting experience.

Flexible Plastic Connection
Comfortable knitting feel, adapts to hand movements. Constant needle diameter for a flowing knitting process.
Seamless Material Transition
Stitches glide perfectly over the curve, no sticking or fraying of the wool.
Colour-Coded Needle Sizes
Less needle chaos in your collection!
High-quality bamboo
Japanese bamboo for a natural and pleasant feel.