Neko Nova Strickspiel

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Neko Nova Strickspiel
Art.No.: 304040
22,50 EUR
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Set of 3 curved DPNs
Curved DPN with bamboo and plastic pin
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Article description

The NEW NOVA Limited Edition of our curved double pointed needles with special colourway! As a hybrid of our classic CDPNs, the new Neko Nova Needles bring together their best feautures: The original V-shaped Neko design meets a new bamboo-plastic-composition. It ensures the needle's well-known flexibility even in larger sizes and guarantees an optimal stability at the same time. A seamless material transition of constant diameter connects both of the differently strong needle legs. You are free now to switch between both sides to knit with your prefered material! The new Neko Nova needles are available in size 4.0mm (US #6).

Unique Hybrid Design
Iconic V-shape with new bamboo-plastic-composition in a bold neon colourway.
Flexible Plastic Connection
& Seamless Material Transition
Comfortable knitting feel, adapts to hand movements. Constant needle diameter for a flowing knitting process. Stitches glide perfectly over the curve, no sticking or fraying of the wool.
High-quality bamboo
Japanese bamboo for a natural and pleasant feel.