Neko Curved DPNs

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Neko Curved DPNs
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Set of 3 curved DPNs
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Our Original Curved DPNs reinvent the knitting in rounds. Instead of five needles, you only need three V-shaped Neko Needles to create a pair of socks, sleeves of a sweater, hats and much more. The patented curved design prevents the stitches from slipping off the needle. The materials’s surface is ultra smooth and lets them slide easily over the curve. While two needles hold the resting stitches, the third one is used for knitting off the stitches. This way only two needle switches are necessary to complete a full round. The results are faster knitting and a more evenly knitted looking pieces. More comfort and less effort with Nekos!

Iconic V-Shape
Our innovative and patented design to knit in rounds more easily and comfortable. Adapts to the movements of the hand while knitting.
Ultra-smooth surface
& Constant Needle Diameter
Stitches glide seamlessly over the smooth curve, no sticking or fraying of the wool.
Colour-Coded Needle Sizes
Less needle chaos in your collection!